Brook Computer Solutions is a computer-consulting firm that services the greater Boston business community. We offer training on the latest software and operating systems as well as providing support for established computing environments. Our philosophy of improving our clients productivity has allowed us to help clients in a variety of ways:

Brook Computer Solutions has been a recognized training and consulting organization since 1991. BCS serves corporations, government agencies and non-profit institutions located throughout New England. Our mission is to assist organizations in improving their performance and productivity through the effective use of personal computers and technology. In today's marketplace there is a need for a professional provider with the ability to provide hardware & software services and to evaluate the return on your investment. BCS is that provider. BCS will provide a solutions oriented approach that seeks to design a computer environment that is optimized to meet your needs. We will help you design a computer environment that harnesses productivity and ensures return on your investment. Let Brook Computer Solutions be your key to remaining on top and informed as your business enters the twenty-first century.





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